All Rates are for 9 hour days, Mon-Fri from 8:00 - 17:00.

Overtime will apply outside of these hours.

All equipment must be ordered through Big Time Equipment dept. If outside rentals are brought in, there will be a 20% surcharge on the total studio rental.

Weekends are charged at an additional 25%. Holidays are an additional 50%.

Parking is available at $15.00 per vehicle per day.

Telephone usage is billed at $0.50 per local call and long distance is billed at standard AT&T rates. Fax and basic secretarial services.

Each studio is complete with 200amp 3-Phase power, distribution box (where available), clothing rack / railings, iron, board and steamer.

Roof deck studios are supplied with 10 complimentary sandbags.

PAINTING LABOR (PER HOUR) $25.00 Cycs, walls and floors can be painted upon request This will be billed on a time and materials used basis. Any painting which needs to be done on weekends or holidays will incur additional charges. Dark or glossy paints may require multiple coats and will be charged accordingly.


By signing the lessee/licensee/tenant - blanket exemption paragraph located on the studio rates and services page of your estimate, we will be able to waive tax charges by affirming that all real property leased, licensed or rented is to be used as an integral part of the performance of qualified production services, which are exempt from sales or use tax under the provision of section 212.031(1)(a)9.,f.s.


All roof deck studios are equipped with removable safety railings. However, any client who elects to use them does so at their own risk. Big Time Productions cannot be held responsible for any personal injury, loss of life or property damage due to the potentially dangerous nature of these areas. All clients using these areas must sign the liability waiver stating that client fully understands the danger in using the roof deck studios and accepts full responsibility for any accidents which may occur during the usage of these studios.