Payment Policy

A) Purchaser will make a 50% Deposit before the job begins and/or goods and services are provided. This Deposit must be prepaid by wire trnafer, cash, or credit card in order to hold a confirmed booking.

B) The balance due as set forth on the final invoice, is due in full by purchaser upon receipt of the invoice submitted by BIG TIME PRODUCTIONS, unless purchaser is an established client with a pre-approved credit/payment schedule.

C) As a guarantee of payment for cost and services provided by BIG TIME PRODUCTIONS, purchaser must provid valid credit card information to be kept on file and hereby authorizes payment of the balance due to BIG TIME PRODUCTIONS on the final invoice to be charged to purchaser's credit card. In the event BIG TIME PRODUCTIONS is not paid in full upon receipt of invoice, BIG TIME PRODUCTIONS shall have the right to submit this cradit card charge as a telephone order without obtaining purchaser's signature.

D) Purchaser represents and warrents that any individual that is executing this agreement in a representative capacity is expressly authorized to sign this agreement and it is acknowledged that BIG TIME PRODUCTIONS is acting in reliance thereon.

E) Purchaser shall be responsible for all costs of collection, including reasonable attorneyls fees. In the event the fianl invoice is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection.

Cancellation Policy

A) In order to accommodate clients' needs, BIG TIME PRODUCTIONS allows clients to reschedule/cancel a production with more than 2 days* notice from commencement of production, without penalty*. However, clients will be charged for any items or services that cannot be returned or cancelled.

B) Clients who reschedule/cancel productions with less than 2 days* notice from commencement of production will be charged for a full day of production coordination, the 15% agency fee and any items or services that cannot be returned or cancelled without penalty.

*Clients who cancel/reschedule a confirmed studio booking will be charged the full rate.